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The Journal of Government and Economics is focused on publishing high caliber, original research papers in the field of government and economics. This journal aims to provide a platform for the exchange of insights on the relationship between the government and the market, create space for the development of the emerging field of government and economics, and foster a better understanding of the government's role in the market economy, as well as the government's incentives and behaviors. JGE is an international publication and the official publication of SAGE. It is also an open access (OA) and rapidly publishing (ABP) journal.

The Society for the Analysis of Government and Economics, SAGE, aims to promote academic research in the subject of government and economics, including topics such as the incentives, behavior, and role of the government in an economy. The Society is a disinterested, academic organization avoiding political, social, commercial, or nationalistic bias. The inaugural co-presidents of SAGE are 2007 Nobel Laureate Harvard Professor Eric S. Maskin and Professor David Daokui Li of Tsinghua University. The Society has an open international membership from countries such as the United States, Europe, China, and other developing countries. Main activities of the Society include organizing academic conferences and publishing an academic journal.

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