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Journal Article: "Digital Economy and Globalization: An Analytical Framework of the Globalization Life Cycle Theory"


Title: Digital Economy and Globalization: An Analytical Framework of the Globalization Life Cycle Theory

Authors: Kun Lang, Meixin Guo, Shaobo Long

Language: Chinese

Publication: Shanghai Journal of Economics, Vol. 7 No. 418, 2023, 1005-1309: 103-117

English Abstract: 

The world today is undergoing great changes unseen in a century. On the one hand, the digital economy is developing rapidly and profoundly changing the way of production and life; on the other hand, the global governance system is out of order and the trend of de-globalization is accelerating. In this context, the theory of globalization dominated by Western knowledge system is also in a dilemma, which can neither fully explain the trend of de-globalization nor analyze the impact of digital economy on globalization. Based on the research in economics, political science and history, this paper puts forward the theory of globalization life cycle through theoretical analysis and historical case study. This paper believes that the development of globalization needs to meet three conditions, namely, technological revolution, leadership of major powers and international mechanism, and the development of globalization will go through four stages, namely, budding, development, peak and decline. This paper argues that the digital economy will lead a new round of globalization, and is currently in the development period of digital globalization. China should continuously improve the domestic governance of the digital economy, enhance its global competitiveness in the digital economy, and strategically participate in global digital governance.

Keywords: digital economy; globalization; life cycle; global governance; technological revolution

Chinese Library Classification: F114

Document Code: A

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